I love small tattoos and decided to make a tumblr to showcase the wide selection of examples.


tattoo ^
I hand-poked this crescent moon tattoo myself with fineliner ink and a safety pin in my kitchen. #studenthousingmischief
Roman numerals & alchemy symbols
mandala flower - ankle
Anonymous: "Hellooo Just wanted to say really cool blog I was wondering do you have any tattoos on the ankle or foot?"

Everything Has Beauty but not everyone can see it 
Anonymous: "Hey, do you have any pictures of Roman numeral tattoos? Thanks x"

I know its not very small but I waswondering if you could give me your opinion on my tattoo drawing andif you could give me some ideas to improve it? Im thinking of getting this doneon the back of my left shoulder with part of the rose and leaves trailing downthe back of my left arm :)

Wow you drew this? I love it! I like the idea of the leaves trailing down too! Please submit a picture when you get it done!!

My sister, who is the biggest Harry Potter fan I know, passed away. I got this tattoo in her handwriting in honor of her. And just so I know the whole meaning behind it, I have started to read the books. Truly inspiring in hard times.