I love small tattoos and decided to make a tumblr to showcase the wide selection of examples.

boredblonde: "Hello :) i drew a rose myself and got a tattoo of it like the one in your post. I say definitely do it because they look really nice. I just looked at other rose outlines and combined the ones i liked, its pretty simple!"

Thanks for your input! (: Please submit your tattoo if you haven’t already! 

blackxidow: "why don't you just make a tags page instead of constantly replying to questions about "so you have any of these?". It would be so much easier than having to reply to everyone individually. Just a suggestion. I've been an avid viewer of your blog since before I got my first tattoo, and it really inspired me."

Hey! To be honest, I don’t actually know how to make a tags page, I didn’t realize such a thing existed! 

Aww thanks so much! Please submit your tattoo if you haven’t already!

Ok so I have been looking for a small and simple symbol to represent strength to put on my finger and I found this post but I don’t know in what way this star like shape represents strength. So I was just wondering if you know whether or not this does in fact represent strength or if you know any other little symbols that do. (and i’m looking to avoid any chinese or japanese like characters).I’m going to open this one up to my followers. Do you guys have any idea?

tattoo ^
I hand-poked this crescent moon tattoo myself with fineliner ink and a safety pin in my kitchen. #studenthousingmischief
Roman numerals & alchemy symbols
mandala flower - ankle
Anonymous: "Hellooo Just wanted to say really cool blog I was wondering do you have any tattoos on the ankle or foot?"

Everything Has Beauty but not everyone can see it