I love small tattoos and decided to make a tumblr to showcase the wide selection of examples.

Her first tattoo. By August in Kitchener, Ontario.
By August in Kitchener, Ontario.
Who I am
Who I am not
Who I want to be
-You Found Me, The Fray
Anonymous: "heyyyy do you have any small giraffe tattoos? 😁"

neguhtive: "hey can you please reblog my tattoo pic?"

Send it to me and I’ll check it out!

Anonymous: "Hey! Do you have any sun tattoos?"

danceforeveryoung18: "Do you have any tiger tattoo ideas? I've been looking and I can't seem to find any I like."

socialoutcast101: "Can you do one with birds or something? Thanks💕"

Anonymous: "do you have any sailboat tattoos ? like really simple ones...xx"